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Description and Details about the Company

The factory of PCC GIOCHI E SERVIZI S.p.A., has its origin in 1984, year when POLIGRAFICO LUCANO SpA was established. The factory was built from the beginning and all the equipment were new.
Production started in 1987 and initially was represented by the tipical products of a plant of continuous forms of that time, such as easy reading forms and generic forms, in sheets and in continuous, mostly for banks. During the years production has become more and more specialized and peculiar.
The acquired knowledge has increased during the years, and has given the company the opportunity to change the production capabilities, before oriented to a competitive marketplace, mostly based on the variable of the price, into more complex products, such as forms with more colours, coupons for games and competitions and not traditional forms.
The year 1994 represented the first turning point in the company life. The historical firm of security papers CALCOGRAFIA & CARTEVALORI S.p.A. assigned the factories of San Donato Milanese (MI) and Benevento to POLIGRAFICO LUCANO which, starting from 31 December 1994, assumed the name of POLIGRAFICO CALCOGRAFIA & CARTEVALORI SpA.
Our factory has based its know-how, consisting in the apply of security systems on its products, which include traditional security papers, coupons for games, competitions, tickets and subscriptions for football games, shows, on the experience and traditions of the renowned CALCOGRAFIA & CARTEVALORI, which was founded in 1876.
During the years, the technological innovations and the progress in the handling of more complex products, follow one another: first, lithographic printing and the numbering of the cheques in continuous and in sheets, afterwards intaglio printing in reels, the application of holograms, advanced products, the personalization made with variable data through both laser printers capable of high services and the innovative technology of ink-jet printers.
On 15 January 2002 a further turning point in the company life occurred. Following to an operation of separation and the assignment of a branch of business, the plant in Tito was conveyed to PCC GIOCHI E SERVIZI SpA. LOTTOMATICA GROUP assumed the control of the company, first in proportion to 51% and then to 100%.



Details about the Company


The Registered Office of PCC GIOCHI E SERVIZI SpA is in Rome, Viale del Campo Boario, 56/D. Administrative Office and Factory are in Tito (Potenza), Zona Industriale. 

The company has got two Sales Offices: one in Rome, Viale del Campo Boario, 56/D, and another in Milan, Via Staro, 4.
Our factory has the following dimensions:

  • Whole area of the factory: 25.211 square meters
  • Covered area for loading and unloading: 440 square meters
  • Areas for store, warehouse: 1.750 square meters
  • Areas for the production: 4.631 square meters
  • Offices, archives, meeting rooms: 969 square meters
  • Guest quarters, guardian quarters, garage: 630 square meters


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