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In 2005 PCC GIOCHI E SERVIZI S.p.A. obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate. The certification process has been treated by one of the most important and strict certification companies in Europe, the DNV - DET NORSKE VERITAS.
The supervision is made through a particular testing equipment (spectrophotometer, transparency densitometer and reflection densitometer, UGRA and BRUNNER scales, electronic line, electronic readers of the CMC7 character and of the BAR CODE, television cameras on the machines, etc.) and through analytical procedures of control, which can be standard or peculiar, in the case of important kinds of products.
The laboratory examinations, on the materials and on the products, are made in the quality laboratory of the factory, while more difficult or complex examinations are made by authorized agencies, concerning those aspects, which can't be checked in the laboratory of the factory.
PCC GIOCHI E SERVIZI is able to examine in its quality laboratory, or in the authorized agencies laboratories, all the products which seem to present counterfeited features, with the aim to verify their authenticity and their integrity.


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